Operation Sleighbell, Judson Chapel

Operation Sleighbell, a ministry of Judson Chapel Baptist Church, coordinates stores in many communities in an effort to recycle returned or discontinued merchandise. These items are picked up and stored in a warehouse until Christmas, and are then provided to needy families for $1 per item. In early December, families in need of the services of Operation Sleighbell can "shop" for their Christmas and save hundreds of dollars.

Operation Sleighbell cannot guarantee any family a certain number of items. While we allow families of certain sizes to receive up to a predetermined number of items—for example, a family of 4 is eligible to receive up to 12 items—there is no guarantee that a family will find all the items they are eligible for. There are many reasons for this.

  1. We have no idea what sizes family members wear, and we may not have a certain size.
  2. We may have the correct size, but not the right color or style for your taste.
  3. It is possible, although not likely, that what we have is something you already have.

The word "eligible" should not be confused with the word "entitled". No one who shops at Operation Sleighbell is "entitled" to anything. However, all shoppers are "eligible". If the product is available, you are welcome to it.