About Us

Operation Sleighbell is an outreach ministry of Judson Chapel Baptist Church in Champaign, IL. Having begun over 30 years ago (serving 6 children in 1984), Operation Sleighbell now serves families in 48 Illinois counties and 6 Indiana counties annually.

Our purpose is to save families money on their holiday expenses. Perhaps by reducing the financial stress incurred by families at this time of year (stress imposed by internal or external forces) they will be able to find the real meaning and joy of Christmas. Operation Sleighbell realizes that many prudent families use Christmas to purchase goods for the family that are actually needed year round. Today, even this expense is becoming too great. Now, many families can no longer afford to get their family members the things they need for Christmas, let alone the things they want.

Operation Sleighbell is a Christian solution addressing this very problem. We do not seek to fulfill every Christmas need or wish, but we do offer Christmas gifts at a reduced cost (typically $1.00 per item) for every member of the family. We hope to help familes save enough money on certain items that they will be able to afford the other things they want or need (at a regular shopping outlet).