2014 Registration

Online registration for the 2014 Operation Sleighbell shopping season is now closed. Phone registration will be available Monday, Nov. 24.

Shopping appointments are Monday, Dec. 8 through Thursday, Dec. 11, and are limited by County of residence. Appointment times are 9:00 AM through 2:30 PM. Evening appointments are not available.

Operation Sleighbell Terms & Conditions

  1. Families with up to 8 members can receive up to 3 items per person. Families with 9 or more members are limited to 24 items total.
  2. A family member is defined as someone living in the home, and a family is defined as 2 or more people.
  3. A person must have an appointment to shop at Operation Sleighbell.
  4. Shoppers who are late for their shopping appointments will have to wait to shop until the next available appointment. Average waits are 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  5. Operation Sleighbell only accepts cash. Checks, debit cards or credit cards are not allowed.
  6. Shoppers are expected to give a $1.00 donation for each item received. Shoppers will only give a donation for the items they actually take. It costs nothing to shop.
  7. Coats and jackets are the only exception to the $1.00 per item rule. Coats and jackets are $5.00 each.
  8. Toys are limited to 1 toy per child.
  9. It is the shopper's responsibility to examine all merchandise to insure that it is either free from defects, or that it can be repaired. Operation Sleighbell is not responsible for damaged merchandise.
  10. There are no guarantees that shoppers will be able to find the number of gifts they are eligible to receive.

2014 Shopping Locations